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Talking about “IT”…

October 14, 2017

I remember watching horror movies back in my teen years. They were all my favorites. However, it did not take long for me to “hear ghostly voices”, to “see ghost shadows” and to feel demonic presence around me. Later on, in life, I understood why I experience that. No one ever told me that the movies and images of these movies are very powerful in your physical and mental body. According to a study published by the famous Science magazine, by Erno Herman, PhD. from the University of New York; http://horrorfilmslorenzavillegas.blogspot.com/2014/09/introduction-horror-film-is-film-genre.html

Dr. Herman and his colleagues discovered that when the brain is altered by these experiences, our senses are heightened and fear creates a state of alert that strengthens the memories of stressful experiences, but hurts our ability to analyze. This process is put into action parts of the brain involved in redirecting attention, increased alertness and perceptual automatic neuroendocrine control. On the contrary, it is almost impossible “to deliberate calmly.”


The physiological and physical effects are dangerous. They can persist for days. Scary stuff! These are some of the reasons horror movies spectators tend to hear and see things that are not true in reality. Nowadays, it is very common and acceptable to watch these types of movies just as if they were the same as any other genre. The worrisome part is that even in Christian groups, they organize outings to watch the latest horror movies.


What is the point of watching crude, bloody and violent scenes, which only desensitizes spectators? As Christians we are called to become light and to reflect it. However, we tend to be attracted to the mysterious, violent, and bloody. Ephesians 5:11 says: “ And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” This verse invites us to make good use of our reasoning and to choose what you want to introduce into your body and mind. If we claim to love God and His creation, we should soak of products that praise His name and Light. We should not be involved with the dark, the dirt, and the fear that do not come from God. We should not allow transference of negative and demonic influence in our heads.

When I understood the effects of horror movies in my persona, I decided to fill myself with cleaner products that made me laugh or that made me worship God and His name. Remember, the next time that someone invites you to see a horror movie, think about the effects that your body suffers and remember God. God wants to give you life in body and mind. Get away from all that incites you to death, darkness, and violence.


You don’t need to promote these topics in a world that already suffers from violence and a lack of respect for life. You do not need to be part of these type of products. If you are a Christian (or even if you are not), there is a price that your body and mind pays for the poor decisions that you make in your choice of film entertainment.

As a final rule, “Good choices, good results. Bad choices, bad consequences.”