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Got Music?

December 7, 2017

It is well known that music has an effect on living beings.

Click the studies below to review the facts:

  1. Read: Music makes plants grow faster.
  2. Read: Music makes cows to produce more milk.
  3. Read: Music helps people to relieve stress or it helps them with illness recovery.


However, music is not always helpful in the growth and development of living creatures. It has an alarming side effect when exposed to music with offensive or foolish lyrics.

Back in 1989 Mexican singer Gloria Trevi released her first album “What am I doing here?” which included songs like: “Dr. Psychiatry”, “I don’t have clothes”, and “What am I going to do without him”. Every time I listened to the songs, I felt my emotions changing, from sadness to anger depending on the song being played. I enjoyed the melodies, the beats and all. However, I realized they played with my feelings. They made me feel sad, upset, angry or depressed depending on the lyrics. Even if I had no reason to feel those feelings in real life. Eventually I grew out of that phase, now, throughout the years I am more careful with what I listen to.



Today, as a mother to my children, I believe we are called to guide all kids in every aspect of their lives, including what they see or hear. We control what they listen. It is our duty to protect them and expose them to clean songs and not to the adult music. Children in the world need to grow up with age appropriate music in their lives and not to be exposed to songs that incite to drugs, rebellion, sex, or violence. I remember asking my first graders for the name of a song to be played during our transition time. They all screamed “Juju on the beat” and “Rolex”. After googling, I realized those were not appropriate songs for first graders. What happened with nice clean songs for children? My job is to lead them to better choices. Since not all my students have a Christian background, I have to lead them to songs that promote a positive message to help in their lives and education. You can do the same. Teacher, mother, father, auntie, uncle, or close friend, it is our job to help these children with their choice of songs.

On the Spiritual side, as a mature Christian, I realized that we are created to worship God. When we listen to music with lyrics that lift up the name of Christ and the Father, we do not only live a happier life, we carry on a healthier spirit that reflects love and joy as well. As non-believers, you should understand that music with nice, positive, clean lyrics are ok. However, music with lyrics that exalt God go beyond greatness. I do not know about you, but when I sing about the Glory of God, I feel that my Spirit fills up with hope and life to carry on the constant tribulations we suffer today.

Let’s give it a try and see what the wonderful effects Godly music provokes in your life. You will be exercising a habit of uplifting spirit for the rest of your life.